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Posted on: June 25, 2020
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How many different kinds of Cannabis are there?

Cannabis has a number of different types but the differences between them are few. Many people, however, tend to confuse different kinds of Cannabis with their effects, and there is no actual difference between the impact of each of the different types of Cannabis. When people claim that there are too many kinds of Cannabis, it is because they don't have an understanding of the plants and how they grow.


The only difference between the various types of Cannabis is that some are more potent and more dangerous than others. Those with the highest THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, are known as the "High Potency" Cannabis. On the other hand, the lower quality Cannabis will contain less than half the amount of THC.

So, when asking how many different types of Cannabis are there, you have to realize that each type has a different effect. Just because they are all high-potency does not mean that they will be equal. If you are taking the dosage properly, the effects will be unique for each type of Cannabis.


While there are different types of Cannabis, there are a lot of recreational Cannabis as well. Recreational Cannabis is often used for recreational purposes, and not for medicinal purposes. People tend to use this Cannabis for recreational purposes so that they can experience a greater sense of pleasure and relaxation while doing it. Recreational Cannabis comes in a variety of different types, including Hash, Hash Oil, Hash Tincture, Ganja, and Weed.


Knowing how many different types of Cannabis there are is an essential thing to know. While the effects vary from a kind of Cannabis to another, you will need to know what the result will be before taking a Cannabis. You can take the THC, but it could be fatal if you do not know the effects that you can expect. You should also know what the consequences are before you go ahead and try using Cannabis.


Most people will get different effects from a single type of Cannabis, but each other kind of Cannabis will have its own results. To know what your Cannabis is going to do, you will need to consult a medical practitioner. There are different varieties of Cannabis, and each type will have a different effect. Therefore, the result will differ according to the kind of Cannabis you take.


Knowing how many different types of Cannabis there are can help people understand how certain Cannabis can cause them to feel different. It will also allow them to decide on which Cannabis they will use to treat themselves. You can learn more about the different types of Cannabis in our Cannabis FAQ.


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